11 February 2009

snow dance

So in true backpacker style, I got picked up at the Tokyo airport in an Aston Martin, stopped in at Dad's house to repack and pick up my 3 half-brothers, then hopped on the bullet train to Nagano then on to the ski resort we are staying in :D We managed to get a quick ski in on Tuesday arvo, I am so pleased that I actually remember how to ski, reasonably well if I don't say so myself! Bill is a decent snowboarder so we head out together. Some of the runs are massive, it's fantastic, they take about half an hour to get down even though you're going FAST :)

The place we are staying is more of a backpackers, but that is happy for me as there are heaps of people here my age, most are Aussies and Kiwis funnily enough! There is a bar downstairs with a pretty good social scene, lots of theme nights (tonight is Sake for 100Y, tomorrow is Ladies Night for all 3 of us, haha). They have the most brilliant invention here - a low coffee table with a sort of doona tablecloth, and are HEATED underneath. so everyone sits on the floor with their legs under the doona... just wonderful. Dad is torturing all the poor backpackers who exist on 2 min noodles by cooking up bacon for breakfast and having an 8kg slab of Wagyu beef in the fridge (really)!!

And the most exciting thing is that it's SNOWING right now... I need to go out and dance in it and take photos (same rules apply when it rains at Lorna Glen)



  1. Make sure you catch a couple of flakes on your tongue....

  2. Also be sure to do a snow angel in your bikini!! Boots are allowed! :-)

  3. Forgot to say...photographic proof is required. Just had a look at your latest picture and you have some serious snow there. Have fun!